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Advice for Parents looking to get children in to modelling.

Glass Studios are one the few London based studios that work with parents to ensure that your child enters the modeling world safely and to make sure that it’s something that they are ready for and will enjoy.

As industry professionals we have many years of experience in the industry so we have all the knowledge to guide you and your child through the industry pitfalls until they are signed to a legitimate agency or casting companies its important all parents read the following prior to attending our studio and making the decision to get there child in to modelling.


This is important for all models however we would suggest its even more important that parents of young children take note of the following in recent years new legislate has brought into place. To ensure that no modeling agency should charge a joining fee which you pay out prior to signing with their agency.

Modeling agencies and casting companies work on a commission basis.   You should not be paying them any more than a small one off administration or marketing charge.

Here are our top 10 tips on avoiding scam modelling agencies

  • Don’t sign a contract with companies who have no address or phone number
  • Only go with companies hat have business email address no agency or casting company will use a gmail or hotmail
  • For models under 18 all attend the interview with your child and company who will allow a young child to come without a parent should be avoided.
  • Never sign a contract without reading it and understanding its contents first and establishing that they are a legitimate agency.
  • Never let an agency pressure you into doing any type of modelling comfortable with.
  • You need a portfolio that is specifically catered to the area of modelling you are best suited your agency should not have there own studio it should be created by a third party company.
  • Avoid any agency that say they will make a portfolio them self a photographer or photography studio should create the portfolio.
  • Never accept a job until you have received all the details in writing.
  • Always check the companies house registration number to ensure it is legitimate government registered company.
  • Avoid companies that ask you to pay a deposit for a job, paying a deposit for a portfolio or a photoshoot is fine but not for jobs.