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Image Editing & Post Production  

One of the other services we offer here at Glass Studios is image editing and  photography post-production, but what exactly is it? Image editing and post production  refers to the final photo editing process needed before submitting the photos to the  clients according to their needs and package choice. 

What is Image Editing?  

Image Editing refers to the process to modify or improve digital or printed images using  various techniques, programmes and technology. Our photographers are great, with a lot  of experience but even the best photographers need their images edited. Image editing  simply enhances image quality. It does not change the features of the model. A good  quality image attracts more attention than a simple one and as a model you want as many  casting directors to like your images. 

The Image editors help to get that quality picture using different tools and graphical  modes. 

How Does it work?  

At Glass Studios we use Photoshop as we believe it is the best when working with  models. The images are edited by removing unwanted elements in the image such as  spots, scratches stains or creases. We adjust the image arrangement by rotating and  cropping the photo. We also enhance the lighting, sharpen or soften the image and  ensure the colours are bold and stronger. 

Image editing is fundamentally in creating a portfolio. There are many advantages to  editing images. It enhances the original images as required by the model and their  portfolio needs. It can provide the image with more colour and life. It helps to bring the  best image possible to the casting directors interests. It ensures the model looks their  best and the images are bright, bold and strong. Most importantly, the images will stand  out from the rest and ensure you get that job. 

When you do a shoot as a model, the shoot itself is only part one of a long process before  the image is released and used. There are loads of different techniques and processes in  post production that gets used for the final image. It is important a model knows and  understand these processes so that you can help as much as possible during the shoot. 

Often online you will see models edited together after doing separate shoots. This  involves the process of removing the background, so that the image is just the models  body and nothing else. It means the models image can be used in loads of different  situations and isn’t limited to the one use. It also removes distractions so that brands can  get customers to concentrate on the product. Removal and manipulation of the  background and setting makes products shine and is great if a model is versatile enough  to be used in different campaigns.

Sometimes brands will want the opposite of removing background but removing the  model! This is called Ghost Mannequin. The brands will photograph the model as usual  but in post production they will get rid of the model completely and only leave the clothes  that are being advertised. The reason behind this, is to allow the customers focus on the  branded clothes and imagine themselves wearing them rather than see someone else  wearing them. They also use Ghost Mannequin because if they were to take photos on  the clothes normally without a model wearing them they would look flat in the image. By  using Ghost Mannequin the clothe are shown as if a body is wearing them making it look  fitted but having them not there is ensure the customers focus in on just the clothes  which has been proven to increase sales. 

The Benefits of Post Production for Models & Brands  

Brand Building – Images are extremely important in order to build your brand as a model.  Casting directors will always look at the most engaging and professional looking  portfolios first. Always. As a model it is your job to ensure your portfolio represents your  professionalism, your work ethic and that you are a top quality model. Good post  production editing is vital to marketing yourself and the is why at Glass Studios it is  always included with the purchase of a portfolio. For brands they will focus on a particular  style of editing. This leads to better customer recollection for the brand offerings, while  ensuring they feel more confident while buying the product or service.  

Builds Respectability & Credibility – If you become know as a model with the best  images early in your career, brands will want to work with you more often because you  have that credibility of producing good images. By editing your photos in a professional  manner, you can ensure your features “pop”, and engage the casting director to hire you  again and again. Once a casting directors sees your name, you want them to think ‘oh  great, their photos are always amazing.’ It makes their job easier. 

Reuse Images for Better Efficiency – If the casting director can see how versatile and  strong your portfolio images are, they are more likely to hire you for stock photography  jobs. Stock photography, are taken by a company such as Shutterstock, Pexel etc and  

can be used for lots of different marketing and advertising, for promotional work, for  personal or commercial creative projects, for publishing, for websites and blogs, and  more. They reuse images for multiple purposes, which is one of the main advantages of  photo editing. With the help of professional photo editing tools, you can use the same  image and model for various purposes by changing its background or by clubbing it with  other images. 

Better Sales – The better your images, the better sales. Photo editing is done to increase  the quality of the images. Brands and models alike, do not want mediocre image  representing them. The better and more engaging the images in your portfolio are, the  more likely casting directors will hire you for big brand advertisements.

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