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 7 Tips To Nail Your First Model Casting

Model castings are the most important thing to do when starting your new modelling career. After all, this is your main way of booking jobs!

Glass Studios London believes that castings are an amazing way to show your potential and essentially gives clients and agencies a ‘preview’ of how you will be on the real job. So make sure you try your best and leave a good impression. The casting director is going to want to see how professional and prepared you are and what you are like taking directions and your overall attitude. But don;t worry, we will be able to help in anyway that you need!

1. Read the Brief from Your Agent

When receiving your brief for you up coming model casting, make sure that you read it carefully and understand it fully as it may contain information crucial to your preparation. 

If you’re casting for a bikini shoot, for example, you’ll need to ensure that your skin/body is bikini ready. Moisturise, shave your legs and bring your own bikini with you.

You must prepare accordingly to what your brief is to make sure that you everything you need to do or have has been complete, meaning you will give yourself the best opportunity. If you are unsure, always consult your agency or model manager and ask for any advice if you need it.

2. Do Your Homework

When you have secured a job, a great thing to do is research the company. Not only will this give you a few extra brownie points but it could also spark conversations with your casting director. This is going to make you memorable and also show them that you know exactly what your doing and educating yourself with potential clients and showing an interest in their previous work.

Make note of the types of models they’ve used in the past or anything worth mentioning when you meet with the casting director.

For example – If you’re casting for the Seafolly Campaign you could say “I loved your campaign last season, was that shot in Australia? Those beaches looked so tropical and beautiful…”

3. Attend Your Casting Alone

This is very important. You need to thing of modelling casting as a job interview, so bringing friends and family would be seen as very inappropriate. If you’re under 16 it’s OK to bring a parent, however they will usually be asked to wait outside during the casting process.

4. Dress the Part

When attending castings you want to show an agent that you’re a true professional. You want to come dressed prepared and ready to start the day. This is unless they ask you to wear something specific like men casting for Hugo Boss to wear a suit or to come with no make up for example, then the following is a staple model casting outfit:

Girls – A little black dress or high waisted skinny jeans and a fitted tank top are the usual go to’s. Plain high heeled pumps and clean groomed hair are necessary. This gives you a nice crisp look.

Guys – Skinny jeans, fitted plain tee and clean semi-smart shoes.

Dressing in plain outfits allows your casting director to see your potential and see what sort of outfits will be good for your look. Glass Studios London will always be able to help if you are unsure of what to bring.

5. Arrive 10 Minutes Early

Always arrive on time if not, 10 minutes early. You do not want to leave anybody waiting for you, casting directors less than anyone! If they have to wait for you to attend your casting, it is instantly going to taint their first impression of you. It is going to seem as you are unprofessional, inconsiderate of peoples time and have bad time keeping.

6. Be Prepared to Take Direction

During the casting process there a few things that will be required of you. Depending on the job, you may be asked to try carry out a few different tasks. It could be modelling clothes, handling products,walking (although this is mostly done for catwalk modelling) and most commonly to be photographed.

When you’re asked to be photographed it’s always good to start with a standard straight up and down shot and then move through a few small poses each time they take the next shot. This is all a rather quick process, that’s why preparation is key! That being said, make sure you practise your poses before you get there just in case!

7. Always Be Polite

Last but not least, always be polite and courteous. Again, you want to give the very best first impression that you can. Even if you do not think that your casting was great make sure you remain professional.

Once you’ve left the casting, speak with your agent, making them aware that you have completed your casting as discuss what would be happening from there on. This makes the agent know how committed and serious you are to the shoot and make it more likely t follow up with the client.

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